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Thursday Update On Love Happens Episode 161-163

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

GD meets Dadi and invites her for the party at her residence. Dadi accepts the invitation and tells GD that after meeting her family, she has changed her perception towards people from the city. Meanwhile, Raghu asks Chhotu to bring Aanya to the fields on the sly. Aanya goes, but before she can meet Raghu, she sees Dadi coming her way. Raghu immediately hides and Dadi corners Aanya. She tells Aanya that it is considered to be inauspicious for the couple to meet after their engagement and also accuses her of bringing bad luck to Raghu every time she is around him. Aanya promises Dadi that she will not meet Raghu till the time they get married. On the other hand, Kishan's friends from Mumbai arrive. They start making fun of Aanya and Isha's decision of marrying a villager. Though Isha feels embarrassed, Aanya expresses her satisfaction with her decision. Later, Aanya tells Debbie that she is not in a mood to go to the party, but she is shocked when she learns that Janki and Dadi are also invited for the party. She immediately decides to go to the party to ensure that no one insults them. However, Dadi and Janki are taken aback when they arrive.

Janki and Dadi find the party very awkward and embarrassing, but they decide to stay there for a while. GD and Kishan sport a vicious smile when they see Dadi and Janki as they feel that their plan will work for them. GD introduces Dadi and Janki to her guests who make fun of them. However, both of them keep their cool and ignore their remarks. Determined to humiliate Janki and Dadi, Kishan asks them to sit on the floor while having lunch whereas rest of the guests sit on the chair. Aanya too feels bad and instead of protesting, she also sits with Janki and Dadi. Janki appreciates her gesture. After the party is over, Janki and Dadi are shocked when Kishan tells them that he wants to discuss something important with them.

Janki and Dadi are shocked when Kishan tells them that Aanya will find it hard to stay in their small house and therefore Raghu should get a new house for her. Kishan also tells Janki that he is willing to pay for the house as dowry. Dadi makes it clear that it has been their tradition to not accept dowry. But before Dadi can say anything further, GD tells her that if Raghu cannot afford to buy a new house, then he should come and stay with them. Dadi and Janki feel humiliated and tell GD that it is not possible. Aanya is shocked when she overhears this conversation. She intervenes and chides Kishan for insulting Dadi and Janki. Dadi then asserts that if Aanya cannot stay in their house, then she will call off the engagement. GD and Kishan sport a vicious smile as they see their plan working! Dadi and Janki walk away, but Aanya tries her best to pacify them and tells Dadi that she has no problem in staying in their house. Janki tells Aanya that she has no grudge against her, but she will see to it that Raghu earns enough to be on par with her father's status.


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