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Monday Update On Modern HomeMaker Episode 74-76

Friday, 12 January 2018

Darshana sees white stain on Sona’s hair and as Sona walks up wondering why is Darshana looking at her, Sona sees her reflection on the photo frame in front of her and is shocked to see the white stain on her hair. Darshana comes up to Sona and remembers that she is not supposed to talk to Suhnaina decides to tell Suhnaina. Sona is relieved that Darshana could not talk to her or she would have made a big issue. Neelam is buying vegetables and Indrani stops the car beside Neelam while Neelam ignores Indrani. Indrani comes up to Neelam and asks if she don’t wish to get back Udham’s job as her one call can make Udham get back his job. Indrani asks Neelam to convince Suhnaina to sell the house and Neelam seems to be thinking and Indrani asks Neelam to take her time as she will be back tomorrow and leaves. Unknowingly, Kanhaiya is behind Neelam as he watched what happened. Dimple comes to Sona and asks Sona to teach her a subject and Dimple asks Sona not to tell anyone that she spoke to her. Sona asks for the books and Sona sees the newspaper where a few college students have been sent out as they reported about some crimes happening in college over Facebook so that it would create awareness. Sona says that this is really good and a social networking site helps to spread awareness fast. Sona receives a phone call from Kanhaiya and looks worries saying that she will think of something. The next day, Sona goes over Facebook and makes a page to support for army officers who have been suspended like Udham where it has received good feedback. Kanhaiya says its good but would it bring any changes? Sonaiya hears Udham calling out for Neelam and informs that someone have made a page to support them and many big officers are supporting them. Neelam says i pray hard for the person who did it and Kanhaiya looks at Sona and hugs her and share an eyelock. Bindiya is in her parlour where Renu comes to meet Bindiya. Neelam joins them and Indrani comes in saying all of you came on time. Have all of you decided? The faster you all get the house sold to me, you all will get what you want. Neelam, Bindiya and Renu informs that they can’t help Indrani in this. Indrani is shocked and asks what do they get by keeping this house? All of them say that they are happy with what they have and Neelam asks Indrani to leave. Indrani leaves and says that she will be back. Indrani’s car bumps into Kanhaiya’s police jeep with Sona in where Sona stops Kanhaiya saying that this fight is between a housewife and a business woman. Sona and Indrani comes face to face.

Indrani asks Sona not to be happy that she won as the game is still not finished and Indrani leaves in anger. Kanhaiya is happy with the way Sona answered to Indrani. Suhnaina sees Kanhaiya hugging Sona and speaking to each another. Both Kanhaiya and Sona leaves in their jeep to go and buy sweets and they are almost reaching home. Sona says stops the car, if mummy ji sees us together like this, we are in touble. Let me walk back from here and Kanhaiya asks for how long? Sona says that we will inform mummy ji as soon as possible and Sona walks back. Suhnaina is sitting in anger and Sona walks in. Kanhaiya walks in and Suhnaina says that she needs to speak something important with Kanhaiya and Suhnaina calls everyone out. Kanhaiya signals Sona what is it about and Sona signals that she don’t know. Chacha ji asks what is the issue and Suhnaina says that she is going to ask Kanhaiya something and let everyone listen. Kanhaiya asks what happened? Suhnaina stares at Sona and says that she had decided that Sona will return back to her own house and Kanhaiya will send her back and everyone is shocked. Suhnaina says that this is her final decision and Chacha ji tries to interupt and Suhnaina says that i had think a lot before making this decision. Sona has no reason to stay in this house anymore as no one is speaking to her. How will she stay when no one speaks to her? Sona is in tears and Suhnaina asks Kanhaiya to take leave the next day and send back Sona. Kanhaiya is shocked but says that Suhnaina is right and let Sona just remain here as usual. Suhnaina says so you are now caring for Sona? Kanhaiya tries to cover his worry and says your decision is right and goes to Sona saying tell everyone! Tell everyone and tell mummy ji sorry now. Sona looks at Kanhaiya and Kanhaiya signals Sona to go to Suhnaina. Sona walks to Suhnaina and seeks forgiveness asking not to give her such big punishment. Suhnaina walks to Kanhaiya and gives him a hard slap and everyone is shocked.

Sunaina slaps kanhaiya and says as to what he thought that his truth will not come out. Kanhaiya with a low voice and heavy heart says that he did not lied anything. Sunaina holds kanhaiya’s shoulders and pulls him beside of sona and says that they both lied to me. What they thought that the truth will not come out but i saw both of u romancing. Kanhaiya says that he is sorry for everything. Sunaina continuos to blame sona and that she is sending her to sasural so that everyone knows what she did. All felt upset and sona cries. Kanhaiya wanted to give the explaination but sunaina shuts his mouth up.


Kanhaiya says that sonaji is not wrong but what is happening in the house is wrong and mummyji your decision is wrong. All are totally shocked. Sunaina says to kanhaiya that he thinks that i am wrong but yes i should have realized it very before that since this girl entered my home,my son is not mine. Kanhaiya tries to say but sunaina stops him.Sona says that she does not wanted to brake the relation of a son and mother but i asked him to remain silent.Sona says that she is sorry for everything and sunaina is not ready to listen to her. Kanhaiya says that they lied with a good intention and that indrani and sunaina shuts him up and says that now whatever anyone say, it is all waste and goes from there. Sonaiya ase left heavyhearted and manohar comes and blames kanhaiya and goes. Even uddham says to kanhaiya that he did all acting of supporting mummyji and what he did was disgusting. All goes away and chachaji comes to them and says that kanhaiya is right and what sona did was totally right and sunaina will soon realize that she is wrong and that i am always there for your support.


from the hall only kanhaiya says that he has some work and he is leaving for police station and tries to go. Sona stops him outside the house and with a crying heart says that i told everything about what i felt at heart but you never say anything. Kanhaiya upset tries to hide away his feelings and remembers his childhood when he fell down on ground and his mother came and cutely said that this floor hit my kanhaiya,i will hit the floor and removes his tears and asks him to come inside to taste halwa.Kanhaiya has a quick realization and he had teary eyes. Sona sees kanhaiya crying and becomes more sad. She says that it all happened because of her and their are differences being created. Kanhaiya says that he is not hurt by that slap but he is sad because mummyji misunderstood us and blamed u but i will make mummyji realize that her decision was wrong and u are right sonaji. A sad BG and kanhaiya says that he has some work and leaves for police station.


Indrani had a discussion about the chaturvedi niwas with her manager and traps him in her words and suspends him and talks to herself that anyhow she will get the chaturvedi niwas for her hotel and it is now her main desire and sona will not be able to do anything.


Bindiya comes for her work and is shocked to see a new beauty parlour beside her own one and that too the branch opened was of a famous beauty parlour. Bindiya is upset and sona sees this. Sona goes to girls standing infront of the parlour and asks as to why they do not want her beauty works to be done by their very own experienced bindiya and beauty parlour. Sona tries to get the answer from every girl.


Indrani comes at the moment and says that doesn’t she knows as to who’s plan it can be about the beauty parlour. Sona realizes everything and indrani says that soon she will take away the control of chaturvedi niwas and sona won’t be able to do anything and money has so much of power and goes from there.

Renu enters her office her her boss called her. Her boss informs Renu that she has to leave her job and Renu is shocked. Her boss informs that its the management’s decision. Udham is on the phone with his superior asking how is it possible as he thought things would be solved once his enquiry completes? Renu says that she have been working here for so long and her boss informs that Renu have taken so many leaves and the management had taken this decision. Udham is angry with his superior and his superior asks Udham not to raise his voice towards him and hangs the call. Renu’s boss informs that today is her last day and asks her to leave. Indrani is on the phone where a person informs that both the task have been done as her instructions and Indrani asks the person to prepare the papers for the Chaturvedi Mansion. In the night, everyone are having the dinner and Chacha ji says that he don’t understand how come one by one bad thing is happening to all the family member in the same day. Bindiya informs about the parlour opposite her shop and Renu is sad about her job termination. Suhnaina says that how could they just do this without any notice? Chacha ji asks Udham how come is your enquiry so long? Udham says why are you asking me? You should ask mummy ji. Only if she had agreed to Indrani’s condition, this problem would have been solved. Kanhaiya and Sona joins the dinner table and Kanhaiya asks why is Udham mentioning Indrani’s name? Suhnaina says that when a mother and son is talking, no third person needs to interfere. Suhnaina is about to leave and Kanhaiya asks Suhnaina to sit and that he would have dinner with Sona in their room when they don’t have the right to talk. Sona brings the dinner to their room and Kanhaiya says that Indrani Devi is playing her game well and i wonder what else would she do next. Sona says that she is more worried about the condition of the family. Bindiya and Renu are discussing that they made a mistake by refusing Indrani’s offer abd they are paying for it now. They decide to apoligize to Indrani and Neelam comes saying that mummy ji never know that Indrani Devi had meet us. Now you want to go and meet her? Renu asks Neelam if she wants Udham’s job and Bindiya decides to call Indrani. The next day, Renu, Neelam and Bindiya go to meet Indrani early morning and as they are about to leave, Suhnaina asks where are all of them leaving? All three of them are shocked and Bindiya says that she is going to the parlour and Renu says that she is going to meet her friends on the last day. Suhnaina asks where is Neelam going then? Bindiya says that she needs some help in the parlour, that’s why she is taking neelam along. Suhnaina asks if is Bindiya asking or informing? Looks like everyone is starting to follow Sona Bahu’s footsteps. Suhnaina allows all ofthem to leave but be back fast which Sona watches and thinks to herself that if she is not mistaken, all of them are going to meet Indrani.

Bindiya, Renu and Neelam are at Indrani’s place and Indrani agrees to help them but they will need to convince Suhnaina to sell the house. Indrani says that she needs to leave for a meeting. Sona comes to the hotel and Neelam leaves with Renu and Bindiya. Sona hides upon seeing Bindiya, Renu and Neelam coming out. Sona watches them leaving and comes face to face with Indrani Devi. Indrani says that she knew that Sona would be following her sister in laws and she is surprised that a housewife has a lot of time to investigate. Sona says that what Indrani is doing is not good as she is luring all of them showing money. Indrani says don’t use such words. This is a challenge between a businesswoman and a housewife. And for your information, a businesswoman works hard too and leaves. Neelam is scared while Bindiya and Renu convinces Neelam not to get worried. Bindiya takes out a paper and says that they need to make Suhnaina sign the paper. Darshana comes in saying good! Everyone is shocked and Darshana says so all the bahu’s are listening to Indrani Devi and she never thought that all of them would behave like this. Darshana says that she would not allow this to happen and she will inform Indrani now and about to leave while Renu and Bindiya stops her. Darshana says do all your explanation to Suhnaina and Neelam says that the whole family is in trouble and we have no other choice. Darshana says so you are also part of this planning and i was thinking that you were innocent. So this is the real you! I’m revealing the truth to everyone today and both Renu and Bindiya tries convincing Darshana offering money. Bindiya says that they will be getting 10 crores and Darshana says alright then, she also has a condition that she should also get a big share. Everyone agree to give a big share to Darshana. Darshana asks all of them to convince their husbands and all agree. Darshana says that they would face problem from Kanhaiya and Renu asks how would he agree? Darshana says he would if Sona convinces him. Bindiya says that Sona would not listen to us and moreover, we are not supposed to talk to her. Darshana says is the 10 crores more important or mummy ji’s condition?

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