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Friday Update On Hello Pratibha Episode 76-77

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Mahen leaves, Pratibha asks Peehu not to be afraid, she asks if there is something else. She must share anything with her knowing her mummy is with her. Peehu nods, Pratibha leaves. Peehu shuts the door and hugs Sunidhi and says she saved her today. Sunidhi says it seems she saved her top secret with her friend. Peehu says there is nothing like that. Sunidhi says in childhood, she had a lot of top secrets with friends she she understands her top secret cross code. Sunidhi asks Peehu to get her lime juice, when Peehu leaves she watches the accident video. She says it would be really interesting when this truth comes to Pratibha. This time she will see Pratibha defeated, she has everything, this house, husband, talent but her own daughter has broken her trust.

Namrita was in her room walking worried, Rishi sat silent. Namrita was worried she broke Sumitra’s trust, she would never believe her. Rishi asks her to forgive him, it was he behind all this. Namrita says he doesn’t need to apologize, they can’t do anything about what happened. She is saddened that maa ji got to know the truth from outsiders. Rishi says he will apologize her, Namrita says she herself will go to her and make her up. She will start over their relation again with truth. Rishi hugs her and says he is lucky to have her in life.

Mahen wakes up on Pratibha’s singing voice. Sanjeev and Anmol sat enjoying her singing. Mahen comes out and smiles listening to her. She turns to look Mahen come smiling and asks for another song, ‘lag ja galay’. Pratibha asks when he woke up, she will get tea for him. Mahen says he takes tea daily, wants to hear her voice now. Sanjeev and Anmol also buck her up, Pratibha sings the song. Kaashi says her Mahen has been an appraiser of his wife, she must also take her side. She comes and appreciates Pratibha’s voice, Mahen asks Pratibha to continue. Sunidhi puts a glass on table making noice, curtly. Pratibha finishes her singing and heads to bring breakfast for them. Anmol and Sanjeev leave, Mahen says thankyou to Pratibha. Pratibha says mention not, turns and leaves smiling. Mahen also smiles back.
In the kitchen, Pratibha was indulged in cooking. Sunidhi comes there, Pratibha asks her to hurry and cook Roti for Sanjeev and Mahen. Sunidhi heads to leave, Pratibha asks didn’t she listen. Sunidhi turns and rudely says she has a lot more to do, she isn’t meant to do this all. Pratibha says she is meant to, some of their chores were divided. Sunidhi says when Pratibha has been doing all this work for years, why she should help her now. She says she will not do as Pratibha says it always, like everyone in the house and Pratibha must tell anyone about it. She turns to see Mahen standing there.

Sunidhi says she won’t ever help her, she might complain anyone about her, she isn’t afraid. She turns to see Mahen standing behind. Mahen says he didn’t expect her to be such a misbehaving attitude; Pratibha is right that she has an equal responsibility in house chores and doesn’t want such an attitude with Pratibha again. Sunidhi thinks that today Pratibha is everyone’s weakness at home, but the day her daughter’s reality comes to her front, then she will see. Sunidhi nods at Mahen and leaves.

In the room, Sanjeev comes to Sunidhi to stitch his button on his favorite shirt. Sunidhi pours all her anger on him and asks him to go and ask Pratibha who is his favorite and he gave so much importance to her singing. She leaves saying she won’t do anything for her.

Pratibha brings Peehu’s favorite pasta to her. Peehu says she will eat after washing hands, Pratibha offers to feed her with her own hands. Peehu says ignorant that she will eat them herself. Pratibha keeps the spoon and gives her some money to buy her books. Peehu says she always bought her books. Pratibha says she is now grown up and can buy and take care of her things. Peehu smiles and says whatever has happened to mom, it is good.

Namrita brings a face wash to Sumitra, and says she thought about giving it to her as she brought it for her. Sumitra asks if she is bribing her to overlook her lie. Namrita says she is wanting to say sorry, she wants another chance and won’t hide anything from her now. She wants to begin a new relation with her. Sumitra says trust is earned in a long time but broken within a day. She would take time to forget about it and asks Namrita to promise she won’t do it again. Namrita promises. Sumitra says she would get food served.

Peehu was with her friends and says she is worried who is the man and why is he hiding. Her friend says it is good she doesn’t get along well with her mother. Peehu tells them her mother is changing, in a good way. She gives her space and takes care of her well now. Peehu’s teacher comes to call her aside and asks if she has some problem, her mother called to discuss it with her. Peehu says it is all well, she just had an argument with Sneha. Teacher leaves, Peehu is curt that her mother spies on her and can never change.

Anmol suggests Pratibha to watch a movie. Pratibha says this is a good idea, Peehu would also love it. She gets Mahen’s call, she tells him she paid electricity bill and gave Peehu the money. Mahen says he didn’t call for this, she says he often calls for these things. Mahen says he called to say lunch was delicious and he couldn’t concentrate on anything since then. Pratibha was lost, she tells Mahen that Anmol is missing him so he must come home early. Peehu comes home, Pratibha calls her but she ignores and goes inside.

Sunidhi was telling her mom about the video, Peehu enters, hugs Sunidhi and says she is like her mother in the house. She says she always wants to love her mother but everytime her mother does a blunder. She tells her that her mom wants to spy on her calling her teacher. Peehu says she wants to share her secret with her today. Sunidhi thinks it would not be good for her plan that Peehu tells her secret to her. She tells Peehu that she must share everything with her mother, she can’t go against Pratibha because Pratibha dislikes her and won’t behave with her well. Peehu cries that she was her true supporter at home and her mom took her from her too. She leaves the room. Sunidhi laughs and says Peehu’s secret and her hatred for her mother are going to be used by her against Pratibha.

Peehu comes to her room, Pratibha comes behind her and asks what is the matter and why she came here like this. She and Anmol were planning a movie. Peehu says she has no interest in any of their plan, she must leave. Pratibha notices her and asks if something happened at school. Peehu says a lot happened, and she must thank her for that. Peehu says she must ask her what she wants to know, she must not inquire her teacher about it. Pratibha says she called her teacher to know why was she worried after trip. Peehu says she told her she didn’t want to share her problem with her, why she pokes her nose everywhere and why she interferes in her matters. Mahen scolds Peehu from behind, he says this isn’t spying, it is her worry. Is this the way of Peehu to talk to her mother. Pratibha asks him not to scold her, they will talk to her later. Mahen and Pratibha leave, Peehu fell on the bed and cries. Sunidhi comes and consoles her, she says Pratibha can fell so much that she wants her to be scolded by her father.

Pratibha says to Mahen that she doesn’t want Peehu to respect her because of fear of being scolded. She wants to earn that respect, she will understand her and show her that she is always with her.

Sunidhi tells Peehu not to cry, she is with her and loves her more than her mother.
Mahen says the relation of mother and daughter is really cute, he is sure she will succeed in it.

Sunidhi says she understands what Peehu is going through and Pratibha hasn’t been able to understand her. Peehu hugs her. Sunidhi says she will snatch Pratibha her precious most thing in life, her daughter.

 It was morning, Peehu opens the door to see her friends standing out. Her friends say her mom invited them all here, she might know their truth. Pratibha comes and calls them inside, she tells Peehu she invited them for lunch. Peehu makes face for that. Another girl comes there and introduces them to her cousin Aparna. Pratibha invites them all inside. Peehu’s friend says it seems Pratibha doesn’t need anything. Peehu asks Shalini if Aparna knows about it, Shalini says no. Peehu changes the topic saying her mom should tell her she invited them. Aparna says her mom is really sweet that she surprise Peehu. Aparna says she is performing in school for solo-singing. They all ask Aparna to sing something for them. Pratibha brings the cold drink there and listens to Aparna’s song. Aparna forgets it in the middle, Pratibha takes it from there. Peehu asks her to stop please. Pratibha says she was just trying to correct Aparna’s song. Aparna asks her to sing further, it will make her correction too. Pratibha says no, but all the kids insist. Pratibha sits with Aparna and sings. Mahen also come there and smiles. Pratibha also watches him standing there, Mahen gives her a thumb up and goes inside the room. Aparna joins Pratibha. Peehu is frustrated with it, but all the kids gives her a standing ovation. Aparna appreciates Pratibha’s singing, she asks Pratibha to teach her this type of singing too. She asks Peehu to ask her mom do this favour. Peehu requests, Pratibha agrees to help her do the practice. Aparna hugs Peehu saying her mom is a rock star. Peehu whispers to Shalini that she must also come tomorrow so that they may plan to get rid of this black mailer.

At night, Pratibha comes to room. Mahen says he has to agree upon her patience, what she is doing to get a place in Peehu’s heart. Pratibha says with time, children’s thinkings and habits as well as their point of views change; this led some differences between them. Today, she agreed to help one of Peehu’s friends in singing practice, such small steps will remove the distances between her and Peehu. Mahen says there is one more thing, Pratibha’s smile is beautiful and he wants this smile there always.

In the morning, Mahen was in his shop. Aditya Narayan’s manager calls Mahen. He says that he wants Pratibha to participate in a talent show taking place, they have already send through courier an audition invitation for her.

Sunidhi angrily watches Pratibha helping Aparna practice, Kaashi says Pratibha sings so well. Sunidhi says this was only left now, there would be singing and dancing in the houses of innocents. Peehu and Shalini get a message saying they must remember his next message and call will come to their parents. Peehu asks Shalini to go back home soon, what if he calls her landline. Peehu tries to get Aparna’s attention who was indulged in singing, then thinks about and idea and drops a glass. Pratibha comes out worried and is concerned if they are hurt. She goes to get something to clear it. Shalini asks Aparna to go, as they got a call. Shalini tells Pratibha they are now leaving. Aparna tells Pratibha she must have won a reality show as she is really talented. Mahen comes from behind, Pratibha says had there been any reality shows then, she would happily participate. She wishes them luck and turns to see Mahen. She asks Mahen when he came. He says just now.
At night, Pratibha comes to bed. Mahen says he was thinking that these talent shows these days are good, people get chance to polish their challenge. Pratibha says at their times, they didn’t happen. Mahen says had she participated in them. Pratibha says she thinks a lot but they are invain. He asks will she participate now. Pratibha says no she wont, she is happy in her life wherever she is. These talent shows are for children not them. Peehu gets a call from Private Number, the man says he knows all their names, they must give fifty thousand to keep his mouth shut. Peehu notices Pratibha coming and poses to sleep. Pratibha caresses Anmol and kisses Peehu’s forehead before switching the lights off.

In the morning, a courier comes at home for Pratibha. Pratibha receives it, she turns to see what it is when Peehu comes worried. Pratibha is shocked to read it, she reads aloud ‘invitation for Super Singing Contest’. She looks at smiling Mahen.

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