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Tuesday Update On Lies Of The Heart Episode 160-162

Monday, 30 October 2017

In his room, samrat continues to holler for shashi, and when she comes, he reprimands her for being absent when he needed her. she tells why she had gone to take a nap and offers to change his dressing but he asks her not to even touch anything. urmi comes tensed. He asks urmi to dial up the number of the city hospital, top arrange for a nurse, as he would die if he has faith on shashi. Urmi complies, and asks for a nurse. She is told to wait for ten days. urmi relays the info to samrat and he speaks on speaker phone, saying that he would pay everything, but wants the best nurse. The nurse snubs him off when he tries to show off his money and status and slams the phone on him. samrat says that she is responsible for everything, as he refused urmi due to her overconfidence as urmi would have done everything perfectly. tauji comes in asking that she should have done it. Urmi says that it was on samrat’s insistence that she didnt do it. he says that it looks like she was waiting for the first chance to be relieved and jumped when it came along her way. Shashi tries to instigate him too, but he asks her to shut up. urmi says that she isnt lazy but obedient, and did what she was asked and hence wouldnt have begged to serve him. samrat taunts her for being obedient and says that now he wants her to bey his command and agree to do all of his work. He says that she would do his work, from right now. shashi is pleased.

While urmi is working in the kitchen, tauji comes and says that she must be wondering why he assigned her to do samrat’s work again, and clarifies that he wants samrat to realise her importance in his life, as he has seen what his mother is worth of, and that maybe god too wanted this, and asks her to make him realise what her importance is in his life. Urmi says that it doesnt make any differnce to her, what samrat thinks, and that she is just doing her duty and that she has left all hopes from samrat. She begins to work, while tauji thinks that she may have but he wont be hopeless, till everything works out best for her, and all’s well in her life.

Gaurav comes in and finds asha with open hair, getting dressed and is amused. He remembers annu’s teasing remarks and smiles as he eyes asha again. he comes to her, standing behind her, and takes her in his arms, from behind. She jerks him away, hitting him on the head with a bed. While he sits furious, asha continues to rant nonsense about how she wont let boys touch her at all, as instructed by her mother. gaurav gets tensed and leaves finally.

As he comes out, saroj and granny tensedly ask him about the wound. before he can explain, asha comes with his phone. asha tries to say what he did, but gaurav distracts her. He talks to his friend on the phone, who invites him along with his wife, for his won wife’s birthday party. His friend insists that he brings his wife along so that they may get to know each other. Asha is very excited at the prospect of the party, and decides what she wants to wear. gaurav says that they wont go, as that would only create more problems.

While tauji discusses share market with samrat, his eyes are keen on how effectively urmi is taking care of him and his every need, without being affected by his proximity. as she ses his meds, he says that he wont take it as he doesnt like the taste. urmi continues unbothered and says that meds arent for taste. But samrat is insistent, while she catches him off guard, blcking his nose, and making him drink it. she then leaves. He is shocked and asks tauji to notice whats she doing to him. tauji says that she is reciprocating what he did to her, and that if he wants good bheaviour then he should do so too. He asks samrat to decide what he wants now and then decide his further course of action. tauji tells samrat that urmi is very angry with him, and that now he would have to initiate towards making the first move. samrat is tensed. he asks samrat to think and move on, as she has already decided what she has to do. samreat is tensed, as he thinks deep.

While shashi is in her room, amrit comes and hungrily eyes the money kept in her almirah. he tells her about going to some dhongi baba, who gave some rice, to be put under samrat’s pillow. shashi gets influenced, while amrit tells that he is a little costly. Shashi gives him more money for that sake, while amrit eyes the money hungrily. Shashi tells him to arrange for a meeting with baba. amrit manages to make a fool out of her. rudra comes in and they both hide their things. He asks what happenening. shashi jokingly refuses to tell him and sends rudra off. Rudra asks shashi not to be upto something yet again, but shashi moves out hastily.

In the evening, while urmi is trying to get hold of shaurya, kanchan comes in and helps her to manage urmi, by luring him into storytelling. she tells urmi that shaurya would be taken care by her, so that they dont have a problem in the night. urmi complies and continues her work silently. Samrat remembers tauji’s advise. He finds it difficult to be nice to her making an effort but then asks her if she ate anything, surprising her. She says that she didnt. he asks her to do so, as its late. Shashi comes and finds him eyeing urmi, and thn takes out the bag that amrit gave to her. She asks about his health, and then slides the bag under his pillow, pretnding to adjust it nicely. saamrat tells her that urmi doesnt need instructions from her, as she does her work much better. Shashi finds that her work is done and leaves. He continues to eye urmi. later, samrat makes a face seeing meds, but silently opens his mouth, as he finds her staring sternly. She adjusts his pillowes to sleeping position, making the bag fall on the ground and after having adjusted his to completye comfort, she lies before having asked if she needs anything. He says no and she doses off. He does too. later in the night, she continues to tend to samrat’s pilows and adjusts it accordingly, and empties the bed pan while she is up. When samrat wakes up, he already finds her awake and getting ready. He is surprised at her dexterity.

The next morning, urmi gets shaurya’s and samrat’s breakfast. shaurya asks why is she feeding his father. She says that he cant right now, as he is hurt. Shaurya says that he would be fed by shashi just like she feeds him. She asks shaurya not to talk like that. samrat watches smilingly. Shaurya insists that he wouldnt allow anyone else to be fed by her, as she is his mother and noone else’s. Samrat says that she is his wife first of all. While urmi is attending to samrat, and shaurya plays along, he and samrat get into a verbal arguement and a tiff about who urmi loves more. shaurya insists her to answer whether she loves him more than his father or not. Urmi is at a loss for an answer. tauji sees this from behind the curtains and is amused. urmi changes the topic and asks shaurya to come and feed him first. samrat asks her to answer as the child is curious and his query must be satisfied. urmi tells shaurya that mumma loves him the most. samrat is jealous. tauji smiles. Urmi kisses him, and gets him to eat, after agreeing him to let papa have his breakfast from her too. She gives him the food sternly, and he gets jealous as she has a smile on her face when she feeds shaurya. tauji thinks that samrat’s got such a nice family, but he didnt have the maturity to keep it like that. tauji thinks that he wont be able to do anything and he himself would have to intervene. He knocks on samrat’s door after sometime, when urmi is gone. Samrat welcomes him in and he asks about his health now. tauji comments that he is looking fresh now. samrat says that he is feeling better too. tauji says that he was concerned. samrat asks questioningly whts the matter. tauji asks if urmi took care of him in the night. samrat says that he did, as she is his wife after all. tauji instigates him saying that he dosnt want to uset him with his opinion. It irks samrat and he instantly wants to know whats tauji trying to say.

Asha is crying that gaurav doesnt take her anywhere, while saroj and granny are tensed, as they find her like that and making a mess of the flour. Granny asks her to shut up, but asha continues to cry, while saroj assures her that she would talk to gaurav. They find that she is crying right into the flour that she is kneading, and decide to give this to the birds and animals. granny finally shuts her up assuring that they would talk to gaurav.

Amrit takes a fake identity of deepak mahajan, samrat’s secretary, and goes to a lawyer recently settled in bhopal, asking him to make a transfer deed for Samrat Singh Rathore’s property to Amrit Singh chauhan’s name. The lawyer asks about their in-house advocate. Amrit makes an excuse of him having gone on a long vacation. He enquires how long would this work take. The lawyer says that they can be done by tomorrow too. He asks about the cost involved anbd is told that it would take 5000 and he instanslt agrees to it, giving him 2000 advance asking him to keep the papers ready. the lawyer takes the money and complies.

Tauji tells him that she may be doing the duties of a wife, but she considers the relationship on its face value only, as he thinks about her as his wife still, and that she is doing him a favour now. tauji tells him that she doesnt love him anymore from the heart. Samrat is shocked. Tauji says that she is merely fulfilling her duty now. He says that she told him clearly that she was leaving him, but just stayed back out of pity, after his accident. Samrat is shocked to hear this.
Urmi overhears Amrit, talking rudely to an employee of the company, over the phone, when he tries to find faults with the way amrit is handling business by ditching old associations and finding new buisness partners. Urmi says that he doesnt have the authority to fire someone.

Urmi asks him not to forget that the business is samrat’s and he is a mere replacement for sometime and asks him to retain the business as samrat left to him. Amrit agrees silently.
Urmi leaves. Mukti comes down cleaning samrat’s room and finds the bag that shashi had hidden under samrat’s pillow. He takes it from mukti assuring that he would give it to urmi. mukti leaves. Amrit thinks that this bag would help him to eliminate urmi out of his way.

Samrat remembers tauji’s advise, and is tensed. He smiles to himself, thinking that its
ridiculous that urmi was leaving samrat. He still doesnt let go of his ego, that she is lucky to have a husband like him. He takes a selfie, and just then mndira walks in. samrat asks her to get the mirror. she asks why does he need it. he asks her to do what she is told. She complies. He takes a good look at himself, after asking her to leave. She is till the door, when she teases him about looking okay. he ogles at his won reflection, and just as he is about to get stylish, he gets a sprain on the neck and stops it right there. He thinks that Urmi is a fool to even think about leaving a good looking, handsome and dashing husband like him. he disregards tauji’s advise. mandira overhears this and is shocked as to who is samrat talking to, and thinks that he has gone mad.

Urmi comes in the room, and he eyes her constantly. she asks if he wants anything. ifrst he refuses but then wants water just to get to talk to him. She complies, and then he asks her to feed it to her, as its paining in his hand. she is surprised but complies, without showing a hint of emotion in her demeanour. he tries to initiate a conversation asking about the weather, but she talks the bare minimum thats required, in a yes or now. she finishes with the chores. Samrat starts getting upset. She leaves. He wonders whats happened to her anbd wonders if tauji is actually right.

Anu is surprised when she finds the prospective suitor walking in, thinking that he is after her yet again, even after she repeatedly refused him. she confronts him to teach him a lesson, insulting him so that he leaves her alone. The manager comes in and asks whats the matter, as this person is the special faculty member of this institute and apologising to him, he takes him inside. she is shocked and embarassed, as the other students eye her accusingly.

Shashi is taken to a baba by amrit. the baba speaks just waht amrit paid her to, and says that Urmi is after this, and that she is ill fate to samrat’s life. Shashi falls prey to their trap, and continues to vent her frustration for urmi. she asks for a solution. baba says that there’s only one solution, and she would have to tell it, and asks what does she want. Shashi says that she wants urmi to take the bed too. the baba says that it would happen. He gives some greyish ash like powder and asks her to feed it to urmi and then what she wants would happen. amrit thinks that he would kill two birds with one stone, with her as a medium. Shashi is super happy.

Saroj and granny try to make gaurav take asha to the party. He says that he wont be able to handle it alonbe. asha continues to display her nonsense yet again, which now amuses them, thinking that she maybe dumb but has a kind and big heart, comparing her to rashmi who is the complete reverse. saroj asks him to agree to take her. gaurav smiles and agrees finally. Asha is over excited.

Samrat tries to find new ways to get urmi near him. he says that he isnt feeling well. urmi says that he would be fine when he takes the juice and meds, giving them to him. he says that he is getting bored, and feeling likle depression sitting here alone. She says that she would send tauji to talk to him. he asks why cant she stay, as she is his wife and its her duty. She resignedly says that she has to make food for him, hence she cant stay. He intentionally drops the water on himself, and she instantly rushes to his side to take care of him, while he is happy to have fulfilled his motive. she takes off his shirt and wipes his chest dry. But she just stoically complies with her duty without being affected by the physical intimacy that his bare chested being brings to her. he is highly disturbed to observe this.

As urmi attends to samrat’s care, he asks her if she loves him or doesnt love him anymore. She ignores the question and begins to leave, when he takes her by the hand and jerks her closer to him, asking her to tell him if she loves him or not. urmi faces him sternly and almost angrily, surprised at his behaviour. She tensedly says that she doesnt. He loosens his grip on her, shocked at her answer. she gets up and adjusting him leaves. he is shocked.


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