Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Thursday Update On Reach For The Stars Episode 101-103

Raghav was able to protect the chawl and he encounters Kamala and the family. What will Raghav do to decimate the Kapoor family?

Paki, Pakiya and the others tries stopping the bull dozer from demolishing the chowl. In the interim, Raghav touches base at the scene and tells the police that they can't demolish the chowl as the papers shown to them are fake. The police informs Prem that the chowl can't be destroyed as the papers been filed in the court. Pakiya and the others informs Kamla that they have won and that Raghav have helped them. Then again, Nettu decides to take revenge on Kamla.

Kamla, Pakiya and the others says thanks to God for sparing their home. While sharing sweets to everybody at the chowl, Kanta says thanks to Kamla. Mangesh suggest that they ought to celebrate to which Kamla answers after the prayer everybody needs to return to their various work. Kamla likewise says that she won't work for Kapoor's ever again. On see Kalpi unhappy Pakiya tries to brighten her up. In the mean time, Sammy congratulates Raghav on helping Kamla and the others however Raghav gets baffled and tells  Sammy to leave him alone.

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Thursday Update On Young Dreams Episode 310-312

Mayank ends up paying 21000 to his saalis after a lot of insisting which leaves Seema angry. She feels it s a waste to pay so much for 350 rupees shoes. Maasi is angry and says she will not go home till Shayl apologizes Prabhu says that Shayl wont and Maasi threatens to leave home which Prabhu agrees. Dayal also says that what Shayl did was not wrong and she may be silent but is not deaf or blind and can see anything and tells Seema that her paap ka ghada is full. Prabhu is fine with Maasi leaving and Dholu says there are few autos outside and he will stop one. maasi and Prema are leaving when Prabhu tells her to send a sms when she reaches as it s free.

Before leaving Maasi gives advise to Seema to always treat Gunjan like a DIL not daughter and to love Mayank a lot as she needs to control her son. Akash tells Gunjan not to cry and the bidaai rituals start . Gunjan imagines Sneha to be a part of it.Dholu is upset with Rachna that she made a fool out of him. Rachna says she will give him chocolate he says he wants 3 and then Rachna agrees Dholu is happy. There is someone at the door and a man comes and tells her to be present at akbar s darbar (promotion of Jodhaa Akbar) maharani Jodha Bai has given Gunjan blessings and a gift

Prabhu scolds Seema as she has not started the grah pravesh preparations. Seema is holding the kalash when Mandy bups into her and asks if it has rice or glsas pieces as she might start torturing Gunjan from Day 1.Seema is irritated. The family comes back and Seema does arti to welcome Gunjan and Mayank. Gunjan then touches the kalsh with her foot and walks after placing her feet in alta ki thaali.

Mayank asks Gunjan how her new house is she answers its good but she cant say the same about her husband he asks her to wait till the night. Gunjan says she is hungry and Shayl asks Mayank if he is also hungry Gunjan is touched that Mayank fasted for her. Rachna tricks Mayank that his friend called on the landline and Mayank leaves Rachna tells Gunjan about a rasam where she has to run around a person thrice and then take blessings . Gunjan does it around Seema and everyone is laughing Shayl realizes Rachna tricked Gunjan and says it loud.

Shayl tellls Gunjan that she will get fruits for them but Seema insists Gunjan has to go to the temple do arti and only then break her fast . Shayl is furious but Mayank says he will wait as he has fasted leaving Seema shocked. Bua tells Seema to stop it and to take blessings at home and they can eat as she made food without onion and garlic. Everyone is eating while Rachna and Shayl are serving. Mayank Gunjan feed each other and Seema Sangeeta exchange glances. The game starts where Mayank and Gunjan have to search for ring in a bowl filled with milk and rose petals . Who ever wins the game will dominate the other. Mayanj wins the first and Gunjan wins the second. In the last round Mayank finds the ring but snatches it before he can take it out . Seema feels even if Gunjan would have lost she would be dominating her son.

Shayl tells the girls to take Gunjan to her room. Seema asks Gunjan to get up earl as its muh dikhai but mandy says that its not possible everyone laughs . Mayank enters the room and sees gunjan on the bed in ghungat he goes near and she is hesitant and Mayank tells not to bore him he sees her hand and it has no rings / mehendi he opens the ghungat and its Chaya. All the girls come in and Rachna says they were teasing him Mayank tells them to go and asks where is Gunajn Rachna says sleeping under the bed. He puts her to sleep on the bed kisses her head holds her hand close to his heart and goes to sleep admiring her, Maynk is talking to himself that he waited for so long for this day that Gunjan will be sleeping peacefully next to him.
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Thursday Update On Twist Of Fate Episode 292-293

Purab thinks Bulbul is angry on him and thinks to be careful. He talks to her and says he brought her favorite dress. He asks her to smile. Bulbul says her mood is upset. Purab asks her to tell what is the matter? Bulbul says someone ignored me. Purab asks whom? Bulbul says Pragya didi. She says she wants to meet Pragya. Purab says you can’t walk. Bulbul shows that she can walk. Purab is happy. Tanu thinks why Pragya is getting special treatment and no one is bothering about her. She thinks if Pragya is doing all this intentionally. She might be playing game with me. She thinks I can’t trust her fully. I have to hold on my plan. Sarla tells that she has to reach home fast. Pragya thinks thank god Bulbul is not here. She asks Sarla not to tell about her pregnancy at home. Sarla says your family also needs to know it. Dadi comes and says a mum gets happy giving her pregnancy news. She is thinking to give this good news to you. Sarla asks if this is the matter? Pragya nods. Sarla asks Pragya to come home and tell everyone about the pregnancy news. Pragya nods again.

Aaliya is at her friend’s place. She says she doesn’t want to go home and sees old same faces. Her friend asks her to relax and goes to make coffee. Aaliya thinks she did planning, plotting and fake rape scene, but she couldn’t get Purab. She thinks she has to do something before Bulbul gets well. Sarla comes home and tells Biji that darkness will move and light will enter. She tells Biji that you will start dancing hearing me. Biji asks what? Sarla thinks of Dadi’s words and tells that she didn’t tell anything. Biji asks her to tell. Bulbul comes out of room. Sarla and Biji get happy seeing her standing on feet. She hugs Sarla. Sarla says she will make her eat with her hands till she goes to her sasural. Dadi stares Pragya and says she is looking at the time. She reminisces Abhi’s childhood and marriage. She tells that Abhi is going to become dad. She tells that this will bring big change in their relationship and says there love will increase with the baby’s arrival. She says she wants to see their happiness and prays for her love life. Abhi and Pragya feel bad as Dadi is happy and they can’t tell her the truth. Pragya thinks she has to stop Dadi from dreaming. Abhi tells Dadi that the baby is not ready and he is also not ready. Dadi asks him to keep quiet. She says you were not ready for marriage too. She says my decision was right about your marriage with Pragya. She says once your baby comes, your life will gets stable and change for better. She says you will get happiness of the world when you takes baby in your arms. She tells Pragya that her responsibility will increase as she have to handle Abhi and the baby. She asks them to promise that they will be together always. They nod. Dadi blesses them for happiness. Pragya and Abhi leave from her room holding hands and look at Dadi smilingly.

Abhi and Pragya arguing about the happenings at the house. Pragya says she took revenge from her and didn’t inform Sarla about the truth. Abhi gets irked and gets closer to her. Pragya asks what are you doing? Abhi gets wine bottle from behind her. Pragya asks for a glass of wine. Abhi says don’t you have shame? You will drink wine in pregnancy. Pragya insists for one sip. Abhi gives her. They get drunk and talk about Dadi. Abhi says Dadi will feel bad. He says it would have been good if you were really pregnant. Pragya says how I will get pregnant when you haven’t even kiss me. Tanu thinks to talk to Abhi and Pragya and asks them to end the confusion. Abhi and Pragya get closer for a kiss. Abhi stops himself and says he needs permission from lips. He gives him own theory about lips’ happiness. Pragya pinches him. She touches his lips with her finger to check if they are feeling good or bad. She says we can’t figure out. She says lets kiss and find out. Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai plays…………Abhi and Pragya forward their lips for a kiss. Pragya says she didn’t know kissing. Abhi says he will teach her. They fall down together.
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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Eden Hazard Make Decision On Real Madrid Move

According to Daily Mail, Real Madrid Coach Zinedine Zidane is a big fan of Hazard and is the main thrust behind the club's interest.

Eden Hazard is very much aware of Real's interest yet is taking a casual view on his future. He is not ready to leave this summer, which reinforces Chelsea's position to keep their star player, who moved to the Premier League from Lille in 2012. Everything focuses to the winger staying in west London for at any rate next season. Surely the Blues are probably going to start initiate discussions over another deal to avoid Los Blancos.
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(Must See) Uti Nwachukwu Has A Very Honest Question For Christians And Pastors

Big Brother Africa 5 Winner, TV Personality and  Uti Nwachukwu, has tossed a fascinating question to Pastors and Christians, and he is potentially sitting tight for an answer.

Uti asked as to whether it's recorded anywhere in the Bible that Jesus touched somebody or blew out air through his nose, and the person fell down. He went further to reveal that, he doesn't understanding the current Christianity.

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Mavins Records Queen, Tiwa Savage Now Rocks Braces? (Photos)

Mavins Records queen, Tiwa Savage In a late post, shared to her fans the look of her dentition which is covered in braces. The pictures demonstrate how Tiwa is certain with a societal, seen imperfection.

The mother of one looked Pretty as well as called herself "Becky with the good hair"- a line from one track off of worldwide artiste, Beyonce's Lemonade album. Some of her fans are awed with how awesome she looks.

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Davido Allegedly Hospitalized Over Unknown Illness (Photo)

HKN Gang boss, Davido, who is as of now in a paternity scandal has been reported hospitalized over an undisclosed illness.

As per Laila, HKN Gang boss Davido, who is at the Center of a paternity scandal, has been hospitalized over an unknown illness. We will keep you updated when the full details comes."

See underneath:

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Patience Ozokwor Celebrates Her 59th Birthday

Veteran Nigerian actress, Patience Ozokwor was born on March 1958. She won Best Supporting actress award at the 10th Africa Movie Academy Awards.

She was among 100 Nigerians honored by the government to celebrate the amalgamation of northern and southern protectorates in 1914.

She's presently a born again Christian, organizing prayers and ministrations.

Happy birthday to her!
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The World Is Incomplete Without Women - Joke Silva

Veteran Nollywood actress, Joke Silva while celebrating her fellow women and moms pointed out that there are a considerable measure that women have to the offer based in way they were created.

Joke expressed that with the warm and filter heart they have, they are extremely savage and spiritual which makes the world incomplete without them.

In appreciating all the amazing women and young ladies out there she stated, "A strong woman is one who feels profoundly and loves savagely. Her tears flow just as abundantly as her Laughter. She is warm, soft, powerful, practical and Spiritual. A woman in her quintessence is a gift to the world so celebrate her for without her, nothing is complete."
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Ex-BBnaija Housemate, Gifty Shares Adorable Photos With Her Family

Former BBnaija contestant, Gifty hardly discussed her family inside the BBnaija house and notwithstanding when she got out.

She shared the above photographs to her mum and sibling and said; "People ask me "you are in charge from your emotions and your personal space and notwithstanding when people bother you, you simply smile and proceed onward".. how would you isn't that right?

Presently, in the photo above you will see my secret behind my SMILE.. they are my BLOOD

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Wednesday Update On Reach For The Stars Episode 98-100

Kalpi gets staggered to discover that the stranger she is battling with is Raghav Singhaniya himself. She seeks for his help however he declines. He puts a condition before Kalpi that he will accompany her to Mumbai just in the event that she finishes the given task. Pakhi notices some conspiracy behind Kamala's meeting with Raghav.

Pakhi and Kamla witness someone sneaking the chawl late during the evening. On following, they discover it is Manda. Manda admits that she was sneaking to meet a baba who has promised to help them save their chawl. Kamla advises her not to lose hope not realizing that Manda is really working with Kapoor' against them. Then again, everybody in the chawl is stressed over the approaching court case.

In the wake of hearing Manda allegations, Kamla tells Manda to search her home. Manda while searching Kamla's home takes out the cash she planted in the house and shows it to everybody. Kamla breaks down because of everybody's accusations. Meanwhile, finding Raghav finds Kalpi standing outside his office. Raghav calls somebody and tells them that he is going to Mumbai and takes the file from Kalpi hands.

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Wednesday Update On Twist Of Fate Episode 290-291


Tanu threatening Abhi and asks him to inform everyone that she is carrying his baby. Abhi is shocked. Purab comes to his house and switches on the lights. He sees Aaliya on the sofa. He asks about her. Aaliya says she was so scared with Rohit and that’s why came here. Purab asks her not to get scared and assures his support. Aaliya says she can’t forget it. Purab asks her not to think about him and asks not to inform anyone. Aaliya thanks and hugs him. Purab tells her that it is getting late and asks her to go home. He says he has to meet Bulbul in the morning.

Abhi thinks where to go, as one side is sacrificing Pragya and other side is threatening Tanu. Pragya accepts to have stolen the money. Rachna couldn’t believe it. Pragya says I am Abhi’s wife and if I have taken some money from him without informing him, then what is the big deal. Abhi comes. Pragya tells him not to inform Sarla. Abhi says tell Dadi that you didn’t steal the money. Pragya and Abhi argue. Abhi goes to Dadi and asks if they shall call Sarla. Dadi says she needs to know the truth as Pragya had stolen the money and then blamed Indu for the same. Abhi asks Dadi to leave the matter. Dadi says I feel she is hiding something from us. She says we will know once her mum comes. She asks if you knows about her truth. Abhi refuses. Dadi asks him to call Sarla. Pragya tells Dadi that Sarla won’t be able to hear anything. Dadi asks her to tell the truth. Pragya says she will tell later and asks her not to tell anything to Sarla. A courier comes and Akash receives it. He is shocked to read it and gives the paper to Abhi. Abhi reads it and tells Dadi that it is Pragya’s report. Dadi asks what is written in it. Abhi says it is written that Pragya is pregnant. Everyone is happy, while Pragya is shocked and confused. Sarla is on the way and thinks why did Dadi call her suddenly. She says Rachna told that Pragya behaved strangely with Dadi. She gets Biji’s call asking her about Bulbul’s medicine. Sarla says she gave medicine to Bulbul already. She asks her to take care of herself. Sarla says she is stuck in traffic jam. Dadi gets happy with the good news. Dasi says I can’t believe. Dadi is thankful to Pragya and asks everyone to congratulates her. She blesses Abhi and Pragya. Abhi smiles forcibly. Dadi asks Abhi to make Pragya eat the sweets.

Dadi says first make Pragya eat the sweets. Dasi says she stole the money. Dadi says Pragya is right, she has right on Abhi’s money. She asks her to do as she wants and warns everyone not to upset Pragya. She asks them to bring dhol and announces that she is becoming great grand mum. She says your baby will be sweet and unique. Tanu thinks Pragya might be kick out of the house right now, Aaliya calls Tanu. Tanu tells that she is at her home and says it is a surprise which she can’t tell on phone. Aaliya says ok fine. She thinks she will get atleast good news after reaching home. Akash congratulates Abhi. Dadi asks him to throw a party. Akash says it is late night. Dasi brings sweets. Dadi makes Abhi eat it and asks him to make Pragya eat it. Abhi makes her eat. Taiji is irked. Dadi takes Pragya inside. Tanu comes down and asks Dasi where is everyone? Dasi asks her to eat sweets and says Abhi is going to be dad. Tanu is surprised. Tanu asks who told you? Dasi says Abhi told them. Tanu says Dadi is very happy. Tanu asks if she has any objections, no. Tanu gets happy and thinks Dadi has accepted her. Dasi asks her to come. Dadi covers Pragya’s head with bridal dupatta and says it is a ritual. Pragya is tensed and looks at Abhi.

Dadi asking Dasi to bring a nice lehenga from her room. Tanu asks what is happening? Is Pragya leaving? Dasi says why she will leave. She has given us good news. Dadi is very happy and informs Pragya is pregnant. Tanu is shocked. Tanu comes to room and asks Abhi, how can Pragya get pregnant. Dadi says why it can’t happen? Pragya is Abhi’s wife, and if not she, then who will get pregnant, you? Tanu says Pragya is not pregnant. Dadi jokes, you are talking as if you are a doctor and Pragya came to you for getting her test done. She shows the report and asks Tanu to get her eyes tested(wow well done dadi). She asks Pragya not to remove dupatta from her head and goes to get lehenga. Dadi goes to her room. Dasi says there is no new jewellery now. Dadi says how it will look, if we don’t keep anything in her hand. She gets tensed. Dasi asks her not to get tensed. Mitali comes and asks what happened. Dasi says Dadi wanted to give gift to Pragya, but there is nothing new in her jewellery to be given to Pragya. Mitali tells that Taiji brought a necklace recently and they shall give it as gift to Pragya. Taiji says Pragya will not like it as it is old designed. Dadi says Pragya will like it and asks her to bring it. Taiji goes hesitantly.
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Wednesday Update On Young Dreams Episode 307-309


Seema telling Prabhu that even her father had washed his feet and has he forgotten. Seema then says does the tradition change over years. Shail says to leave the washing of the feet. She says they don’t have to follow it. Mandy agrees with Shail. Mausi then tells Shail that in a marriage the groom is considered to be Vishnu and the bride as Lakshmi. She then explains it to Akash too. She says don’t they also wash the idols then that’s why the groom’s feet is washed too. She says that’s what she has been taught. She tells Akash that don’t tell her he hasn’t heard of it and Akash says he has no problem doing it. Gunjan and Rachana get ready. Rachana says Gunjan is looking beautiful and Gunjan says that a lot of guys will become lovers looking at Rachana. Gunjan then asks the stylist where the sardar meaning Vihaan is and she says not to mention his name as she wouldn’t have let him go if not for his sick mother and blind sister. Gunjan and Rachana are amused hearing this and laughs. Dholu comes and tells Gunjan that the procession has arrived and Gunjan tells Dholu he looks handsome. Rachana says she will see what is happening and Dholu says that Akash is about to wash Mayank’s feet. Gunjan and Rachana are shocked. Gunjan says its nonsense and says its really sick and that how can Akash wash Mayank’s feet and that she is going out. Rachana says to promise that she won’t go out till Rachana tells her to.

The water and the tray are brought. Seema tells Mayank to sit down. Shail looks upset. Akash bends and tells Mayank to remove his shoe when Mayank stops him and says that he should welcome Akash as he has already welcomed him into the family by agreeing to the wedding. Mayank says that the elders are like God to them and that he is Gunjan’s dad and also his dad. Mayank says with the changing times it is time to change the traditions too and says that he will wash Akash’s feet. Seema, Mausi and Sangeetha are shocked. Akash refuses but Mayank insists and Seema tells him not to. Mayank says that he will do it and that with time things change for the better. Mayank says that the traditions should be changed with time and that if the traditions didn’t change then Seema wouldn’t be standing with him today as traditions say that women are not allowed to be in the wedding procession. He also says that even Mausi shouldn’t be there. He says that traditions use to say that drinking water in a girl’s in laws house is a sin but that doesn’t happen anymore. Akash still refuses but agrees finally and Mayank washes his feet and Akash hugs Mayank. Shail is happy with Mayank and pats him. Sangeetha tells Seema that Shail looks so proud and happy and that she hasn’t heard that a son-in-law washing the father-in-law’s feet and that she feels that they (Shail, Dayal and Akash) are more from the groom’s side than them.

Seema says they will see how they escape for long. Vihaan comes into the dressing room. The designer gets angry at him and says did he see the time and that he is late. He says he took a long time getting ready. She says why was the need for him to wear a suit as its not his relatives wedding. She tells him to wait and help them out as she needs to go to another wedding. Vihaan compliments Rachana and says she looks good in the clothes and says but. Rachana asks but what. Vihaan removes the clip from her hair and lets her hair loose. Rachana is smilling away. Shail comes and calls Gunjan and Rachana. She looks at Gunjan and smiles and says she looks beautiful. Gunjan looks upset and Shail asks why. Gunjan says did Mayank wash Akash’s feet and Shail says does she think Mayank will allow that. Shail says whatever Mayank did today she is very happy and says that Mayank welcomed Akash by washing his feet. Gunjan was happy and Shail says to come quick.

Gunjan is walking to the wedding stage as the Kabira song plays. Mayank sees her and smiles and then tears up. Everyone look happy. Akash also tears up and so did Gunjan. Akash hugs Gunjan.Mayank comes and holds his hand out to Gunjan. She takes his hand and he whispers thanking her for coming into his life. Gunjan and Mayank takes the garlands. Mayank is about to garland Gunjan when her friends carry her and he is unable to reach. Gunjan’s friends tell Mayank what’s the rush and to agree to their conditions first. Mayank says he agrees to the conditions and to just order. Her friend says to always keep Gunjan happy and fulfil her dreams and Rachana and Chaya says to help her. Mayank says he agrees and that in short they mean for him to become a slave to her. Seema, Sangeetha and Mausi are angry.
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Monday, 27 March 2017

Singer Shaydee Honorably Leaves Banky W’s Record Label

Empire Mates Entertainment star, Shadrach Adeboye Folarin, well known as Shaydee, is a Nigerian songwriter and vocalist. In 2015, Shaydee was recorded on notJustOk's "15 Artists to Watch in 2015" list

The artist has reported his exit from BankyW's music label, Empire Mates Entertainment (E.M.E) as he posted a birthday message to Banky W. His post after the cut...

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Seyi Law & Wife Are Celebrating Their 6th Wedding Anniversary Today

The humorist took to social media to adore his spouse has they celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary today. He wrote;

It's been six years of God's awesomeness. I made the choice to walk down the road of marriage with you, my love.

I waited to see you stroll down the aisle to meet me. You have accomplished more than the I DO in agreement to marry me. Everyday, a beautiful you is unveiled and our house is merrier. Proceed…

God who knew my suffering and lack of parental closeness as child built a home for me with you. The world will wag their tongues and some will surrender to evil prayers, but with theirs will come to nought.

I am cheerful to be the one to celebrate you, my own number 1 Celebrity. Mummy Tiwaloluwa and the rest coming.

Past the moon my love remains and under the earth even in death my heart rejoiced it ever met you. I love You, the rarest of every precious Gem.

Happy Sixth Wedding Anniversary.
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Olajumoke Orisaguna Photobomb Picture Ranks 6th Best Photo In The World

Olajumoke Orisaguna makes history as photobomb picture was voted 6th best photo in the world.
Olajumoke Orisaguna was a bread seller who rose to fame in February 2016 subsequent to Photobombing a shoot including TY Bello, and British vocalist, Tinie Tempah.

A program called Galileo on Prosieben TV in Germany has voted Olajumoke's photo bomb picture as the 6th best photo in the World.

A delightful Olajumoke Orisaguna who turned into a star after she photo-bombed Ty Bello's photograph shoot with Tinne Tempah took to her social media page to announce the good news and sharing an excerpt from the German Program.

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Meet Tboss’ Lookalike Younger Sister Wendy, Who Just Got Engaged To Her Baby Daddy Of 10 Years (Photos)

Wendy, just got engaged to her baby father and lover of 10 years, Dameon.

Dameon proposed to the Big Naija Housemate's sister lately on Instagramlive, as the Big Brother Naija eviction show was going on, and errmmmmmm she said YES!! Wendy is Tboss' lookalike younger sister, who was pictured with Miyonse when he got evicted from the Big Brother Naija reality show. She's additionally Tboss' campaigner on Instagram.

Photos below...

Congratulations to her!
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Singer Tiwa Savage And Tee Billz Dedicate Son Jamil In Church (Photos)

Mavins records queen, Tiwa Savage and spouse Tee Billz yesterday dedicated their child Jamil, a year and 8 months after he was born.

Jamil was dedicated at the House on the Rock Church, Lekki, Lagos and Tiwa's dear friend Stephanie Coker, her husband Olumide, and Life Coach Lanre Olusola were among those in present. More photos after the cut....

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Tuesday Update On Reach For The Stars Episode 95-97

Neetu offers a good amount to Chawl residents for working at her home as a help yet everyone declines. Later Manda Tai visits Neetu's home and accepts the offer. Neetu gets stressed on discovering that her sister-in-law jassi will stay with them for quite a while.

Neetu gets stressed on discovering that kamala had been successful in getting a four days stay order from court. Kalpi gets into a contention with Raghav without knowing his identity.

Manda Tai continues educating Neetu about most recent happenings of the Chawl. Neetu, as a piece of her conspiracy, calls Kamala for the benefit of Raghav and requests her to meet at a secret place. Neetu's man meets Kamala as Raghav and requests her to sign a few papers.

ALSO READ: Tuesday Update On Twist Of Fate
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